Visualization swiss army knife

Stejg is a simple rendering engine with a command line interface. It's intended as a visualization aid for developers who like to script just about everything.
Current release is in alpha stage and needs evaluation and feedback (stejg-feedback at 7de dot se). Please download it and give it a try, tell me what you think! I promise to read your mail, but maybe not respond to each.
A library for writing actors (small programs which use the stejg) is available at


Requirements; Linux and SDL2

stejg-linux-unreleased-d045e64.tgz Usage
Written by Gregory Vincic

This binary was build for the public.

Version....: unreleased
Build date.: 2017-12-29 08:53:01 UTC
Plattform..: linux
Revision...: d045e64eeb01defc2648af3f70a651286baca6bf

Quick start

Start the stejg

stejg -s&

Hide the status bar

stejg hide

Clear the splash screen

stejg -bgc black clear

Write some text

stejg -fc red -p center -t "My first time using stejg"

Read the usage for more information about each argument.

stejg -h


Here is a bash script I use to stay focused.

focuson () 
    # Clear whatever is showing now  
    stejg -bgc 222222 clear

    # Do we have any input
    if [ ! -z "$*" ]; then
        stejg -p center -t "Focus on" -fc 777777 -fs 26

        # The focus subject
        stejg -fc red -p center -y 100 -fs 100 -t "$*"
        # And an icon just for fun
        icon=$(find ~/Downloads/smashing-freebie-space-icons/png/128 -name "*.png"| shuf -n 1)
        stejg -i $icon -p center -y "-120"

From the command line I can then type

focuson Something important

and the result would be somthing like